My Three Favorite Reads of 2017 (so far…)

I didn't read enough last year. I love romance novels (duh) and usually devour them pretty quickly. But I got a little swept up in my own projects last year and didn't make time to read. Maybe that doesn't sound like a negative. For me, it was. Romance books inspire, encourage, humor, and engage me … Continue reading My Three Favorite Reads of 2017 (so far…)

Traveling light? #RWA17

The countdown for the national conference for RWA is officially on! Last year was my very first writer's conference. Ever. I was so nervous I nearly talked myself out of going. But that was exactly how I knew I NEEDED to attend. I've never learned anything from being comfortable. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone … Continue reading Traveling light? #RWA17

My Top Five Must-Visit Spots in the #GoldenIsles #JekyllIsland #StSimonsIsland

#5 Jekyll Island Beach The beach on Jekyll Island (overlooking the St. Simons Island Sound) is just about as perfect as you get. Bordered by dunes and wild grasses, the sand is fine and stretches far out to the sea. I love flying kites with my boys and building sand castles. Our favorite trip to … Continue reading My Top Five Must-Visit Spots in the #GoldenIsles #JekyllIsland #StSimonsIsland

What I’m looking forward to this summer…

My kids finished school last week and start day camp in a few days. Once camp starts then summer officially begins. And I can't wait. For the first (and maybe only) summer, they will be together at the same program. Dropping off my two kids in one spot? What rare treat is this? I'm used … Continue reading What I’m looking forward to this summer…

My Top Five Eats in the #GoldenIsles #JekyllIsland #StSimonsIsland

  #5  Fro-yo at Fuse Self-serve with a ton of delicious toppings. What trip to the beach is complete without a treat. This is what I remind myself when we stop there every day on vacation... Fuse Frozen Yogurt website #4 Breakfast at Palmer's Village Cafe Whatever the special is, it's delicious. That's just a … Continue reading My Top Five Eats in the #GoldenIsles #JekyllIsland #StSimonsIsland

The best trick for roses

My grandmother had the most incredible garden in northern California. Every visit involved taking a tour of her backyard as she named plants I've long forgotten and wish I remembered. We'd often stop to sit side by side in the big cushioned swing. She'd sing and I'd peel a fresh-picked tangerine. To this day the … Continue reading The best trick for roses